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Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

CINDERELA (English Version)

Cinderela, sebuah cerita klasik dari negara barat yang sudah lama dikenal di seluruh jagat raya, termasuk di Indonesia. Namun kebanyakan yang saya temukan di Indonesia terutama di internet adalah cerita yang sudah diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia, dan agak kesulitan untuk menemukan cerita Cinderela dalam bahasa Inggris. Ini adalah kendala yang ditemui anak-anak sekolah yang datang ke warnet saya dalam rangka mencari cerita Cinderela dalam bahasa Inggris sebagai tugas pelajaran bahasa Inggris. Berikut ini saya tampilkan sebuah cerita Cinderela yang aslinya sudah disadur ke dalam bahasa Indonesia, tapi kemudian saya ubah lagi dengan bantuan Google Translate ke dalam bahasa Inggris dan dengan sedikit pembenahan. Jika anda menemukan kekurangan atau kesalahan dalam cerita berikut, terutama dalam hal grammar atau lainnya, harap anda tulis koreksinya dalam comment sebagai koreksi bagi saya juga. Terima kasih.


          Far-far away in a kingdom there was a village, where there was a girl who is very beautiful and kind live in it. She lived with her mother and her two half-sister, because her parents had died. In the house she always told to do all the homework. She always yelled at, and given only one meal a day by her stepmother. Her evil sisters called her "Cinderela". Cinderela means dirty girl, and full of dust. "The name that suits you!" they said.           After a while, one day the royal guards came to spread party invitation letter from the Palace. "This is fun! We'll go and dress up beautifully. If i was a princess, mother would be happy ", they said. The highly anticipated day finally arrived, the both Cinderela’s half sister begin dressed up with joy. Cinderela was very sad because she was not allowed to participate by her siblings to attend the party at the Palace.
"Clothes? You do not have any, will you go to the party with that such dirty clothes?", said her sisters.

         After all people go to the party, Cinderela goes back to her room. She cried loudly
because her heart was very upset. “I'm not able to go to the palace with dirty clothes

like this, but I want to go .. “. Not long after that, she heard a voice, “Cinderela, stop your crying...”. When Cinderela turned away, she saw a fairy godmother, Pixie, smiles kindly. “Cinderela, please bring four male rats, a pumpkin and two-tailed lizard” she said. After everything were collected
by Cinderela, the fairy brought it all to the backyard garden. “Voila!” while casting her spell, there was miracle happened. The rats had changed into four golden-horses, the pumpkin turned became to a beautiful carriages, and the lizards were transformed into two servants. The latter, Cinderela transformed into a beautiful princess, with very beautiful dress and glass shoes on her feet.           Because excited, Cinderela start dancing in circles with glass shoes like a butterfly. Pixie said, “Cinderela, the influence of this magic will disappear after
twelve o'clock in the evening, when the bells stopped. Because of  that, you must go home before passing the middle night”. “Yes Grandma. Thank you”, replied Cinderela. The golden-horse drawn the carriage depart soon

          Cinderela was brought to the palace. After arriving at it, she went straight to the hall. Once inside, the view of all present were on Cinderela. They are very
amazed by the beauty of Cinderela. "What a beautiful princess! Princess, from what country are you?" they asked. At last the prince came over Cinderela. "Women are beautiful, would you dance with me?” he said, “Yes” she said, while the Prince took Cinderela’s hand, and smiling. They danced together in a slow rhythm. Mother and Cinderela siblings who were there did not think that it's beautiful princess is Cinderela.

          Prince continues to dance with Cinderela. “A woman like you that I’ve desired
so far” said the Prince. Because of being happy, Cinderela forgot the time. The clock start

tolled 12 times. “Sorry I had to get home Prince...”. Cinderela
let off the prince hand, and soon ran out of the Palace. But in the middle of the road, one of her shoes were off, but
Cinderela doesn’t care about it, she kept running.

The Prince try to pursued, but he lost track of
Cinderela. In the middle of the stairs, there was a glass slipper which belong to Cinderela. Prince took the shoe. “I will find you” he said in his heart. Cinderela had turned back to a girl which full of dust, but she was very happy because she could leave the party in time.
In the next day, the guards who sent by the prince come to the village. They asked all girls in all over the country to match the glass slipper with their feet,
but none is suitable. Until finally the guards arrived at the Cinderela’s house.
”We are looking for a girl whose her feet fit in the glass slipper” said the bodyguard.
Both Cinderela’s sisters try the shoes, but their feet were too big. They were still forcing their leg inserted into the glass slipper until it blisters when the guards see Cinderela. “Hey you, try these shoes” they said. Cinderela stepmother became angry, “It will not match this child!”. But the guards still asked Cinderela to try, and when Cinderela stretched her feet, apparently the shoe was perfectly fit. “Ah! You're the princess!” guards shouted happily. ”Cinderela, congratulations ..”, Cinderela looking back, and the fairy was standing behind her. “From now on you’ll live happily with the prince. Voila!.." she said.
Once the fairy reading spell, Cinderela was transformed into a princess wearing a bridal gown.
“The effect of this magic will not missing even the clock struck twelve”said the fairy. Cinderela then escorted by the rats and birds which has to be her friend all this time to the palace. When she arrived, Prince greeted her, smiling happily.
Finally Cinderela married to Prince and life
happily forever. * THE END *

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